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Our delivery times vary depending on the time your order is placed. We deliver 2 to 3 working days following your order.
You will be notified by email of the time of delivery.

ALSO, there is a possibility of picking up your cookie box in order to avoid delivery costs in Montreal and other :

  • MOUV ESPACE BLOC :   3811 Rue Everett, Montréal, QC H2A 1S8  

We'll message you when your box is available for pickup. 

We will be opening new pick-up points very soon.

Shelf life :
As soon as you receive your cookies, you can keep them for 25 days in their individual packaging. 
We advise you to devour them without further delay!

Tasting advice :
If you like your biscuits very soft and crunchy, you can taste them directly.
But if you like them to be more tender, 15 seconds in the microwave, no more!

All our cookies are designed so that people with allergies can eat them. The only allergens contained in our biscuits are: wheat

We only use oat milk, which generates 80% less greenhouse gases than cow's milk.

Organic ingredients:
Most of the ingredients we use in making our cookies are organic, or locally grown.

Inedible :
The paper we use for our pansies cannot be eaten, beware of greedy people... who are a little too much!

Types of thoughts : 

  • Philosophical Thoughts  : Our cookies each have a philosopher's name. From Socrates to Rousseau, via Simone Weil or Simone De Beauvoir, you will have plenty to read. And as Horace said so well, “Dare to know! ".

  • Funny thoughts :   Do you want to laugh? This type of thinking is for you. A small sample of what they contain: “What is the most explosive vegetable? Arugula” or “What does a lemon say that robs a bank? More a zest. »

  • Positive thoughts : Are you interested in starting your day with a good stretching session to wake up, a good coffee or a hot tea, accompanied by a positive thought in a delicious cookie? Then this section is made for you... “When you get up in the morning, remember how precious is the privilege of living, of breathing, of being happy. »

  • Tailor-made thoughts : You have the option of being able to personalize your thoughts.
    You have the possibility of writing 6 different thoughts in order to please your loved ones, your colleagues, your friends, your loves,... 

different types of thoughts
cookie recipes (for now)
times more likely to like our cookies!

Céline Chavanel

Founder of this project:

"Feeding the spirit, through gluttony."

Her greatest wish would be to be the first to know about a marriage proposal, the announcement of a baby, a beautiful event, through her cookies...

Do not hesitate to write to him to give your feedback on your shopping experience. 
All constructive comments are welcome 💙

Our values

Thinking : Feeding the mind through gluttony 
Communication : Empower people to write kind words for their loved one through a cookie, other than through a screen
 Personal development : Love giving & receiving
The environment : through the short circuit in restocking, vegan cookies without preservatives, and eco-responsible packaging

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